Magha Nakshatra captured in Leo zodiac with mobile astrophotography

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Magha Nakshatra is 10th out of 27 Nakshatras in Vedic scriptures. This lunar mansion occupies between 0:00–13:20 degrees Leo zodiac.

Throne is the symbol representing this Nakshatra. Indra, the king of the gods, is called as Maghavan, seated on the throne.

Bronze Statue of Lord Indira, the king of devas found in Cambodia

In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, King Dhritarashtra who is the King of the Kuru Kingdom and Bhishma pithamaha talk about astronomical movements with respect to Magha Nakshatra. King Dhritarashtra particularly has mentioned the astronomical bad omens during Mahabharata War. This below shloka in book 6, chapter 3 and sloka 13 captures Magha Nakshatra and Planet Mars.

Senayoraśivaṃ ghoraṃ kariṣyati mahāgrahaḥ

Maghāsvaṅgārako vakraḥ śravaṇe ca bṛhaspatiḥ

Magha nakshatra is matched to α Leonis, also known by its popular name Regulus in the simha raasi. It is one of the brightest stars in the night sky, lying approximately 79 light years from the Sun.

Regulus appears singular, but it is actually a quadruple star system composed of four stars that are organized into two pairs.

Simha in sanskrit is lion

As the twenty-first brightest star, Regulus, it has an apparent magnitude of +1.35. The light output is dominated by Regulus A predominantly. Regulus B, if seen in isolation, would be a binocular object of magnitude +8.1, and its companion, Regulus C, the faintest of the three stars that has been directly observed, would require a substantial telescope to be seen, at magnitude +13.5. Regulus A is itself a spectroscopic binary; the secondary star has not yet been directly observed as it is much fainter than the primary.

Let us see the Nakshatra captured as part of the Leo Zodiac in night sky.

We can see that α Leonis is captured at the leg of Simha raasi.

Simha raasi with all its majestic display has Magha nakshatra

All four padas of Magha nakshatra are in Simha raasi.

Next we will see Pooram/ Poorva Phalguni, captured in Leo Zodiac and matched with the known stars. Have a great day :-)



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