How Hanuman became Pancha-mukha Anjaneyar?

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In the Shatabishak/Sadhayam star capture, we had seen about Lord Hanuman’s encounter with Makaradhwaja and Makaradwaja’s birth story. We also got to see Makaradwaja’s faithfulness towards Ahiravana in the Patala loka. In order to defeat the maha mayay blessed Ahiravana, Lord Hanuman had to change himself into Pancha(five)- mukha(face) Anjaneyar.

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When Hanuman fought with Ahiravana for a very long time to save Lord Rama and Lakshmana from his captive premises, he found Ahiravana’s ways of fight to be very deceitful and decorated with maya tantra. Finally, Lord Hanuman found out that Ahiravana can be defeated only when five lamps in five different directions are extinguished simultaneously in Patala loka. To achieve this, Anjaneya, Vayu putra, took the form of Panchamukha anjaneyar with Hanuman, Hayagriva, Narasimha, Garuda and Varaha faces.

Surendrapuri Panchamukha Anjaneyar

The same pancha — five, signifies multiple swaroopa in multiple instances:

Firstly, the five of the faces represent nama(chanting the name), smrana(thinking about the lord), keerthana (singing the praises), yachana (to follow a specific practice of begging)and arpana (surrender oneself). These are the methods followed by Lord Hanuman in worshiping Lord Sri Rama. It is significant to note that, Lord Hanuman being a true devotee has showed humanity how to practice devotion in Sanatana Dharma.

Secondly, Anjaneya facing east represents Ishta siddhi(desire). Narasimha facing south represents Abhishta Siddhi(attainment of that desire). Garuda facing west represents sakala sowbhagyam(luck and fortune) . North facing Varaha represents dhana prapthi(wealth). Hayagreeva on the top implies sarva vidya prapthi(Knowledge).

Ahiravana Vadham

After extinguishing the five lamps simultaneously, Hanuman regains his original form and kills Ahiravana. Through the entire time all these things transpire, Lord Rama and Lakshmana are in an unconscious spell.

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